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Dermatology Services:

Many conditions can be diagnosed with immediate in-house diagnostics, whereas other problems require specialized equipment or reference laboratory testing.  Most dermatologic cases can be categorized into infectious, allergic, autoimmune, or hormonal disorders:

  • Cytology (microscopy slides)

  • Skin scraping (parasite hunt)

  • Trichogram (hair examination)

  • Bacterial culture

  • Ringworm culture

  • Customized infection management


  • Routine otoscopy (ear canal and drum exam)

  • Video-otoscopy (magnified fiberoptic exam under anesthesia)

  • Ear canal flushing

  • Myringotomy (careful ear drum puncture to sample and flush middle ear cavity)

  • Intradermal allergy testing

  • Serologic allergy testing

  • Allergen specific immunotherapy:

    • Allergy shots and allergy drops formulation

  • Life-long medical management tools including Atopica, Apoquel, and Cytopoint

  • Full thickness skin biopsies

  • Dermato-histopathology (microscopic exam of biopsy)

  • Thoughtful selection of immune-modulatory therapy

  • Close monitoring of internal health


  • Thyroid evaluation

  • ACTH stimulation test

  • Adrenal hormone panels (UTenn)

  • Tailored therapy (thyroid supplementation, trilostane, etc.)


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